Production of medical purpose owing to the importance for health always had special value and the importance among all produced consumer goods. In particular there is a very good demand both on internal, and in a foreign market — medical cotton wool, cotton made products, the bleached gauze.

Cotton wool medical is intended for application in stationary, out-patient, and at home. There is a distinction between hygroscopic medical cotton wool, surgical, eye, and as (hygienic) compress cotton wool. The sphere of its application more than wide from applying and removal of medical preparations – medicines of external application, bandaging of wounds (in this case cotton wool is applied as a material absorbing exudations — blood, an ichor, pus over gauze layers), warming the bandaged parts of  body, as a lining at fixing of parts of body by immobilized bone splints (plaster splints and bandages); in cosmetology — applying and removal of cosmetic makeup preparation, removal of macsara from eyelashes, nail polish and every possible auxiliary application.

Medical gauze: thin gauze, degreased, bleached, processed by carbolic acid is called hygroscopic — is applied as a bandaging material (manufacturing of bandage, bandaging packages, napkins, balls and etc).

Production of medical purpose offered by us – cotton wool medical, cotton wool products, medical gauze, is made on the advanced equipment of Germany and completely corresponds to requirements of State Standard and the European Pharmacopoeia.