Cosmetic discs – are mass-produced, made on the modern equipment, with application of special technology of bilateral hydrocoupling with special system of cambers and the deepening, allowing to realize the clearing effect of a disk on both sides. Cosmetic disks are packed into polyethylene packages, corrugated cardboard baskets and in polypropylene bags for transportation and storage. Production is environmentally friendly, differs special convenience, high absorbing and clearing ability. Disks are delivered in packing on 50 pcs and 100 pcs. Product is certified.

Purpose and use:
1. Application and removal of makeup.
2. Removal of a superfluous moisture and pollution.

Note: Given production – Cosmetic disks – completely correspond to the international standards and GOST (State Standard) requirements.

Packing: Polyethylene packing. Polypropylene bags and corrugated cardboard baskets for transportation and storage.

Storage: Cosmetic disks are subject to storage in an individual original packing and polypropylene bags, in the dry aired premise, excluding direct sunlight and moisture. A storage warranty period, at observance of recommendations, is 5 years. The date of manufacture indicated on the package.

– Environmentally friendly product.
– 100 % cotton bleached without chlorine.
– Conformity to requirements of GOST (State Standards) and to the international standards.

Price: negotiable

The manufacturer: Uzbekistan

«Baxtteks-Farm» LLC

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