The manufacturer of cotton wool «Baxtteks-Farm» LLC offers production of medical purpose: cotton wool medical, cotton wool products, medical gauze from local raw materials, and the processed cotton fiber: card cotton yarn and cotton wool uncombed bleached.

The company’s strategy is to create the manufacture of cotton wool and medical gauze necessary for the Republic of Uzbekistan, to enter the international market, to maintain free currency flows and satisfaction of requirements of the population in medical products from local cotton raw material.

Being known as the manufacturer of cotton wool and medical gauze in the Republic of Uzbekistan «Baxtteks-Farm» LLC, is actively cooperating with foreign partners from Germany, Turkey, Russia.

Now all major world exporters of cotton in every possible way initiate and stimulate its deeper processing in their countries. Uzbekistan being one of the leading countries on cotton cultivation, has the big range of grades of a cotton that gives the precondition for its various application. Now active work on deepening the level of processing of a made source of raw material and semifinished products and transition from export of raw material and semifinished products to export finished goods is conducting.

Presence of necessary raw material for manufacture, the modern European technologies realized by experts at our enterprise, observance of all ecological requirements and norms, gives confidence in the quality of our production, corresponding to all requirements of international standards.

Medical production made by us: medical cotton wool, cotton wool products, bleached gauze is in demand on internal and in foreign market – both in treatment-and-prophylactic establishments, and population.

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