Medical Bandages Plaster – are a band of gauze with the fixed medical plaster. Bandages rolled into rolls and sealed in a polypropylene container. Bandages are mass-produced on modern equipment by certified method of cutting, winding and packing. Color is white. For transportation and storage, the finished product in individual packaging additionally packed in corrugated cardboard baskets.

The realized sizes of medical plaster bandages by LLC “Baxtteks-Farm” are of width 10, 15 and 20 cm, length 3.0 m. The product is certified.

Purpose and use:
1. Applying outer bone splint by fracture.
2. Manufacture of splints.
3. Immobilization in the treatment of diseases of bones and joints.
4. Manufacturing limb casts in orthopedics.

Note: This product – Bandages plaster medical – completely corresponds to the GOST (State Standard) and International Standards requirements.

Packing: Polypropylene packing bags. Corrugated cardboard baskets for transportation and storage.

Storage: Bandages are to keep in conditions, which prevent moisture, in the sealed packaging in a dry aired premise. Shelf life of bandages is 5 years.

– Environmentally friendly product, without additional additives.
– Intended for medical purposes.
– Full compliance with the requirements of GOST (State Standard) and international standards.

Price: negotiable

The Manufacturer: Uzbekistan

“Baxtteks-Farm” LLC

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