марля медецинскаяThe medical gauze is supplied in rolls by 1000 meters, packed into a paper and polypropylene film.

The bleached gauze is made of 100 % cotton, bleached on high technologies without chlorine application. An ecologically clean product, purely white color, without any additional additives, impurity and smell. It is supplied packed into a paper and polypropylene film in rolls by 1000 meters.

Purpose and method of application:

1. Production of bandage and every possible bandaging material.
2. Production of masks.
3. Every possible auxiliary application.

Note: Given production completely corresponds to requirements of GOST and the European Pharmacopoeia.

Gauze packing: Packed into a paper and polypropylene film.

Storage: The gauze should be stored in individual packing without damages in a dry room. 5 years of warranty. Avoid direct sunlight. Date of manufacture printed on the package.


– Made of 100 % cotton, bleached without chlorine.
– Ecologically clean product, without extraneous additives and smells.
– Intended for medical, industrial, hygienic and cosmetology purposes.
– Full conformity to GOST and European Pharmacopoeia requirements.

Price: negotiable

Manufacturer of gauze: Uzbekistan

«Baxtteks-Farm» LLC

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