Cotton dental rollers are produced on modern equipment. They are made from bleached high-quality, hygroscopic, 100% cotton cotton wool. The rollers are packed in special briquettes of 50 pieces, 100 pieces, 200 pieces, and additionally for transportation and storage in cardboard, corrugated cardboard boxes and polypropylene bags. They do not contain extraneous chemicals, are highly hygroscopic and whitish. The products are certified.

Purpose and application:
Dental procedures.

Note: This product – Cotton dental rolls – fully complies with international standards and GOST requirements.

Packing: Special packing briquettes of 50 pcs., 100 pcs., 200 pcs. Cardboard boxes and polypropylene bags for transportation and storage.

Storage: Cotton dental rollers are to be stored in individual factory packaging and storage media – cartons or polypropylene bags, in a dry ventilated room. Do not damage the original packaging. Shelf life is up to 6 years, from the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture is indicated on the package. Do not expose your product to low or high temperatures. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Due to the great hygroscopicity, avoid moisture.

– Bleached without the use of chlorine 100% cotton.
– Environmentally friendly product, without additional additives.
– Intended for dental procedures.
– Full compliance with international standards and GOST requirements.

Price: negotiable

Manufacturer: Uzbekistan