Sterile surgical gauze napkins – are made of certificated 100 % cotton, hygroscopic, medical gauze bleached without chlorine. Are produced by the certificated method of manufacture, packing and sterilization. Are packed in unilateral polypropylene packages, and in addition for transportation and storage, in carton, corrugated cardboard baskets.
The realized sizes of sterile surgical gauze napkins by LLC  «Baxtteks-Farm» are 20 х 40  No2 – (folded 10cm х 10cm), 15 х 30  No2 (folded 7,5cm х7,5cm), 10 х 20  No2 (folded 5 cm х 5 cm). Product is certified.

Purpose and use:
– Application in surgery as a ready-made dressings to stop bleeding and treatment of wounds.
– Dressings to stop bleeding and protect the wound from secondary contamination and drying.

Note: Given product – Sterile surgical gauze napkins – completely corresponds to requirements of GOST (State Standard) and the European Pharmacopoeia.

Packing: Special unilateral polypropylene packing packages. Carton and corrugated cardboard baskets for transportation and storage.

Storage: Surgical gauze napkins are subject to storage in an individual original packing and means for storage – corrugated cardboard baskets or polypropylene bags, in a dry aired premise. The damage of an individual original packing is not allowed. Do not expose to extreme temperatures. Exclude direct sunlight. Shelf life is up to 5 years.

– Medical gauze of 100% cotton bleached without chlorine.
– Environmentally friendly product, without additional additives.
– Are intended for the medical purposes.
– Full conformity to the European Pharmacopoeia and GOST (State Standards) requirements.

Price: negotiable

The manufacturer: Uzbekistan

«Baxtteks-Farm» LLC